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A pinkish silver-white mineral consisting of gold and bismuth; Occurs in massive granular form and was first described prior to 1959.

Chemical Composition

Chemical Formula:     Au2Bi
Composition:     Molecular Weight = 602.91 gm
    Bismuth 34.66 % Bi
    Gold 65.34 % Au
Environment:     Found in gold-quartz veins, probable high temperature     mineral. Intergrown with gold and bismuth.
Locality:     Nugget reef, near Maldon, Victoria, Australia.
Name Origin:     Named for the locality.


Axial Ratios:     a:b:c =
Cell Dimensions:     a = 7.958, Z = 8; V = 503.98 Den(Calc)= 15.89
Crystal System:     Isometric - HexoctahedralH-M Symbol (4/m 3 2/m)
    Space Group: F d3m
X Ray Diffraction:     By Intensity(I/Io): 2.41(1), 1.537(0.6), 2.3(0.5)


Gold in quartz.

Image Source: R.Weller/Cochise College

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