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Basic Geology and Mineral Concepts

Geology and Mineral concepts were included to assist our non-mineral-math-oriented readers explain minerals as elements produced in a natural form on earth and how deep sediments were brought up to the surface by the forces of geology for subsequent exploration and mining.

"Mineral Commodities" A grouping of common industrial minerals with commercial value.

"Andes Plateau Mines" Quick introduction to existing mines in the region and its origin.

"Crystallography" An elemental chart describing basic composition of minerals in the area.

"Rock Classification" Rocks differ from minerals in that rocks are merely physical mixtures of minerals, while the minerals themselves are chemical compounds of fairly uniform composition. For most prospectors, the study of rocks is more complicated than the study of minerals.

"Source Ore Deposits" The ultimate source of ore deposits is deep in the igneous rocks in the earth. The original concentration takes place within bodies of magma through a process called differentiation.

"Control Deposits" The formation of valuable mineral deposits result from a combination of factors, conditions and events which go hand in hand to determine the areas in which metals are gathered into concentrations greatly exceeding the average for rocks in general.

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