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"REFERENCE" directory shares highlights about mining and minerals in the Andes Plateau region where most of our work takes place. We include basic geological and mineral terminology for the benefit of readers not familiar with mineral technology.

"Mineral News" pages show current news regarding mining and metal production in the world.

"Understanding Mining" pages explain minerals as elements that are produced in a natural form in the earth and that are brought up to the surface by the forces of geology and subsequent exploration and mining.

"Mineral Commodities" is a grouping of common industrial minerals and materials with commercial value not meant to be a mineral classification of any kind

"Andes Plateau Mines" is a short list of existing mining operations in the area.

"Crystallography" a very elemental chart explaining basic composition of minerals found in the area.

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Rayleigh-Quotient Method

Cubic Spline Method
Newton Divided Difference


Applied Mathematical Algorithms

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Complex Functions
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Non Linear Systems
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