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    A Word About Trading...

    Trading is commonly defined as a speculative activity in financial markets whereby instruments such as stocks, indexes, bonds, currencies, or commodities are repeatedly bought or sold at or near the end of up or down price swings caused by price volatility

    Identifying when to buy and when to sell is the primary challenge for all trading as well as long-term trend following trading strategies. It is generally accepted and understood that all mathematical models or algorithms will not always work with every instrument or in every market situation.

    It is, however, relevant to have a set of tools that can be used to identify market conditions as closely as possible. The following tabs "Major Index WatchList" and "Foreign Exchange WatchList" (Courtesy: FreeStockCharts) can be of some assistance in recognizing market change trends.

    For companies of particular importance to the mineral industry refer to "Type of Search for Watchlist → Industry → Metals and Mining" to obtain symbols and chart views.


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    Home Algorithm Implementation
    We design applications for different environments and platforms with designs uniquely tied to the program languages...

    We show real-world implementations using Visual Basic.Net, JavaScript, Java, C#, Visual C#, Smalltalk...

            Home Graphics and Animation
    The graphics classes in Smalltalk were designed to take advantage of Microsoft WINDOWS 's graphics facilities...

    The GraphicsTool class structure is an example of the versatility...

            Home Optimization Algorithms
    An optimization problem is a numerical problem for which the solution is characterized by the largest or smallest value of a numerical function depending on several parameters...

    We applied this optimization technique to a mineral extraction venture...

            Home Vectors and Matrices
    The concise notation introduced in linear algebra for vector and matrix operations can be directly adapted to object-oriented programming...

    We applied this technique to a wide variety of vector operations using Smalltalk...


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