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since 2006

KMP Engineering is an independent multidisciplinary engineering consulting company specializing in mathematical algorithms and integrated development for mining. It provides consultancy, feasibility studies, design and comprehensive engineering software services.

At KMP Engineering we facilitate the interchange of ideas. Each application features a responsive design that reflects industry work practices with examples developed specifically for engineers and math aficionados alike.

As part of our integrated portfolio of service we also provide daily mineral and metal business opportunities (Mineral News) of current mining operations and offer a unique perspective on basic geology and mineral concepts. (Understanding Mining)


Algorithms... Algorithms... Algorithms... Mining...
Auto Integration "Automation is the key to productive computing"

KMP applies intelligent automation in every part of our programming-integration from algorithm selection to plot layout and user interface design. Get reliable high-quality results without needing algorithm expertise—and even if you're an expert, you get results faster.

Engineering Software "Specialized software to take advantage of creative thinking"

We build specialized functionality for many technical areas, from geological generalizations to complicated bore-drilling analysis, all tightly integrated with the rest of the system, with easy connectivity to databases, web services, and high-performance computing.

Basic Infrastructure    "A quick way to learn about mining and minerals"

Elementary concepts pertaining to minerals for readers with no prior exposure to mining. Elementary concepts of mining, geology and crystallography are discussed.

Design/Development "A cost effective way to obtain maximum results"

Tie-in mainframe experience with client/server technology. Many companies today enjoy connectivity between critical mainframe systems (legacy) and PC applications. KMP offers technologies that are designed to incorporate functionality into both environments.

About Us

KMP Engineering is an independent multidisciplinary engineering consulting company specializing in mathematical algorithms.

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